Wood Fencing Options in Wesley Chapel, FL

Wood fencing is a great option for many home owners.

Security is a practical function many homeowners demand from fencing. Wood fences are an excellent choice for privacy fencing, whether it be in terms of noise barriers or more commonly visual barriers. The stockade style offers an example of a wood fence design that can afford a solid visual barrier between your yard and your neighbor's, resulting in almost total privacy.

Others prefer wood fences with a certain amount of space and airiness to them, to avoid a closed environment. Tall picket fencing can afford partial privacy as can lattice fence.

Wood fences are a great option for matching certain home styles and landscaping design.

Some available options are:

Southwest style- Split rail wood fences and other wood fence designs marked by rough and rugged posts have long been a favorite with ranch-style houses and landscape designs.

Picket style fencing is a natural fit for cottage style homes and landscape designs inspired by English cottage gardens.

On the other hand, we want you to be happy with your new fence, so first consider some cases where wood may not be the right choice.

Sometimes a homeowner in the market for fencing needs to keep pets in the yard. In this case, an electric dog fence may be the answer. There are also times when the issue is keeping animals out of the yard - deer for instance. Various types of deer fences better serve this function.
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